VoodooLab Amp Selector

VoodooLab Amp Selector, Little Helper

Item number: 100010021
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Little Helper • Switcher • Amp Selector •
Switch and/or layer up to 4 amps simultaneously • Absolutely silent switching • Works as A/B/C/D box • Switches amps with single button • Buffered tuner or split output functions • Switch 2 instruments into different pairs of amplifiers • Ground lift switch on each amp output • Level controls on each amp output • Voodoo Lab's Amp Selector switches a guitar into multiple amplifiers. It lets you use up to 4 amps simultaneously without added hum or loss of tone. You can switch between amps, or layer them in any combination with silent switching. No pops or clicks. Each of the outputs can be directly switched, allowing you to layer any combination of amps simultaneously. You can also configure it (using Exclusive mode) as an A/B/C/D box for selecting up to 4 amplifiers with a single button press. Unlike most A/B-style boxes, Amp Selector has ground lift switches for each amplifier output. No matter what amplifiers you're using, you'll never have to worry about ground loops causing hum in your rig. Features include a buffered tuner/split output for slaving additional devices without loading down your pickups or muddying your tone.