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Conn AS-650 « Alto SaxophoneConn AS-650, Alto Saxophone£ 530,- Conn EP653 « EuphoniumConn EP653, Euphonium£ 753,- Conn AS-650 « Alto SaxophoneConn AS-650, Alto Saxophone£ 479,- Conn Kinder-Altsaxophon AS655 « Alto SaxophoneConn Kinder-Altsaxophon AS655, Alto Saxophone£ 500,- Conn EP654 « EuphoniumConn EP654, Euphonium£ 828,- Conn EP655 « EuphoniumConn EP655, Euphonium£ 855,- Conn BS650 « Baritone SaxophoneConn BS650, Baritone Saxophone£ 3.034,- Conn SS650 « Soprano SaxophoneConn SS650, Soprano Saxophone£ 617,-


How C. G. Conn became an instrument builder...

It was on a Saturday evening of the year 1873. The civil war veteran Charles Gerard Conn got involved in a fight and tore his lip. This wasn´t at all good for someone who was a cornett player of the "Brick Brown Band". To solve the problem he built a mouthpiece that enabled him to continue playing the cornet. This mouthpiece caused a furore among his musician friends, so he decided to build a few more. After a short time the demand increased rapidly that he professionalised the production. In 1875 the French instrument builder came by and asked him to use his workshop in order to repair a few horns. Conn watched the Frenchman a few days and decided to build a horn, too. That was when Conn built the first cornet ever produced in the United States.

By the way...you can play these instruments without a split lip!