Yamaha Allen Vizzutti

Yamaha Allen Vizzutti, Mouthpiece (brass)

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Mouthpiece (brass) • Instrument: Trumpet • Material: Brass • Finish: Silver plated • Bore: 3,56 mm (0,140") • Cup depth: Very shallow • Cup Diameter in mm: 16,67 mm • Rim shape: medium flat • Rim: Medium wide • Signature Series of Trumpet Mouthpieces from Yamaha Allen Vizzutti edition This series of mouthpieces has been developed by Yahama in cooperation with a number of outstanding musicians. The mouthpieces are all in a brass which is silver-plated version. Allen Vizzutti Trumpet Anyone who has heard one of Allen´s spectacular performances will understand the exceptional qualities he demands from his mouthpiece. His extended playing range and incredible technique requires a perfectly balanced mouthpiece, one which allows him to leap huge intervals with centered, accurate intonation-and to change in a flash from a screaming lead sound to a warm broad ´classical´ tone. The shallow cup with smooth inner rim edge gives a clear focused sound and plays evenly in all registers. It can increase the high range of many players without sacrificing tone in the low range. The Vizzutti mouthpiece offers great sound, incredible flexibility, plus impeccable intonation in all ranges, which in Allen´s case covers a wide area!