Yamaha DTX-Multi 12

Yamaha DTX-Multi 12, Percussion Pad

Item number: 10099317
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Percussion Pad • Chassis type: Table top unit, flange mout possable • Display: Backlit LCD with two lines, each with 16 characters • Sounds: 1277 • Edit Parameter: Reverb, multi effect e.g. • Effects: Variation: 42, Chorus: 6, Reverb: 6, 5-Band Master-EQ • Drum Kits User: 200 • Drum Kits Presets: 50 • Cards / Memory: 100 MB Wave Memory (16 Bit Linear) • Inputs: 5 • Outputs: Out (L/mono, R); headphone (stereo jack) • Mains adapter: yes • Number of single pads: 12 • Stand: optional PS940 • Special Features: Mounting plate MAT1 seperately available • The Yamaha DTX-MULTI 12 Electronic Percussion Pad features 12 pads, 1,277 voices, five trigger inputs, kick and pedal inputs, USB file playback, USB and is the perfect addition to an acoustic drum kit or for programming beats into a DAW. The DTX-MULTI 12 percussion pad includes folk and acoustic drum instrument sounds, chromatic percussion, and DJ voices. The DTX-MULTI 12 plays back WAV and AIFF files from a USB memory stick and records via the rear panel USB port. Yamaha included Cubase AI 5 recording software for PC recording.
  • Electronic percussion pad controller with 12 pads
  • 1,277 voices
  • 128 MIDI playing patterns
  • 5 trigger inputs
  • Kick and hi-hat pedal inputs
  • USB connection for MIDI recording
  • Play back WAV and AIFF files from a USB flash drive
  • 42 effects including delays, flangers, phasers, pitch shifters, reverbs, choruses, Variation effect unit that can be used to enhance individual voices through compression and EQ, and five-band master EQ
  • Maximum 64-note polyphony
  • Built-in sequencer supports 152,000 notes
  • Click track with tap tempo for practice
  • Includes power adapter
  • Includes Cubase AI5 recording software