Yamaha MFC10

Yamaha MFC10, MIDI Pedal

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MIDI Pedal • Yamaha MFC10 MFC-10 Programmable Footcontroller including 12 assignable switches and 1 volume pedal , perfect for remote control especially on PSR-9000 or 9000pro. As you play your instruments, just step on a foot switch to transmit program change, control change, note on/off or other types of MIDI data stored in the MFC10´s internal memory to any number of connected MIDI devices - to do cool things like: - select programs from a Yamaha G50 Guitar MIDI convertor, and use the foot controller to transmit after touch, pitch bend or control change data as you play, even adjust volume, panning and modulation of voices - simultaneously select various instrument voices from keyboards and tone generators by transmitting program change data over several MIDI channels - simultaneously control various external effects processors by transmitting control change data over several MIDI channels - control operation of a sequencer or rhythm machine, including song selection - assign a different note number to each foot switch and play a scale on a tone generator, or trigger samples on a sampler - transmit up to four simultaneous note on/off messages over the same MIDI channel to play chords with the foot switches