Yamaha Reface CS

Yamaha Reface CS, Synthesizer

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Synthesizer • Synthesizer • Synthesis: AN-sound generating (Analog Physical Modeling) • Keyboard: HQ Mini-Action keyboard • Keys: 37 keys • Aftertouch: no • Polyphony: 8 ( mono switchable • Effects: 4 Effects, LFO with 4 Destinations, 5 Oscillator types (Multi Saw, Pulse, Osc. Sync, Ring Mod., Frequency Mod) • Special Features: Handy mobile Mini-Synthesizer with Speaker and Battery power • USB / MIDI: USB, MIDI (Mini-DIN) • Playing Aids: Touch-Slider/-switch • Display: no • Other Connections: Headphones (6,3 mm Jack), Stereo-Out (6,3 mm Jack), Aux-In (3,5 mm Jack stereo) • Colour / Finish: White • Size (WxHxD): 530 x 60 x 175 mm • Weight: 1,9 kg • Including: Mains adapter, MIDI-Breakout-cable,Instructions •

Analog Physical Modeling Synthesizer

The Reface CS combines ease of use, creative sounds and massive dynamics. As an eight-voice polyphonic synthesizer, it has a wide range of exciting sounds - from analogous to brutish digital. If necessary, the polyphony can be converted to monophonic. This can produce wonderful lead sounds. Reface's sound generation is based on "Analog Physical Modeling" and comes with 5 different oscillator types and two effects that can be used in parallel. A further highlight will surely be the phrase Looper in the smallest AN sound generator on the market. Optionally, a gig bag and a strap kit (for guitar strap) can be purchased. This means that you are optimally equipped for the performance at the live gig.