Yamaha Standard FL-11F4

Yamaha Standard FL-11F4, Mouthpiece (brass)

Item number: 7701234
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Mouthpiece (brass) • Instrument: Flugelhorn • Material: Brass • Finish: Silver plated • Bore: M • Cup shape: U • Cup depth: Fairly shallow • Cup diameter: medium • Cup Diameter in mm: 16,46 mm • Rim shape: Medium rounded • Shaft: USA • Yamaha Flugelhorn Mouthpiece 11F4 Flugelhorn Mouthpieces Quality brass mouthpieces contribute to the high regard Yamaha has earned among beginning and professional musicians alike. The result of a special approach to design and manufacture, Yamaha mouthpieces deliver the performance and comfort required where they are needed most: where instrument meets musician. The mouthpiece production technique used by Yamaha promises consistent quality mouthpieces, time after time. Other manufacturers use a specific cutting tool to create every mouthpiece, which causes problems as tools start to wear. This can result in inconsistent quality and poor performance. Yamaha´s use a computer-aided design system and computer controlled lathe to work together to produce the most precise, consistent mouthpieces in the world. Inner diameter: 16.46 Contour: semi-flat and standard Cup depth: standard Throat in mm: 3.8 Backbore: standard Medium inner rim diameter and unique "U" cup for extra endurance. Excellent attack. Easy for beginners.