Yamaha Tyros 5 - 61

Yamaha Tyros 5 - 61, Keyboard

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Keyboard • Entertainer keyboard • Keyboard: keyboard expression and Aftertouch • Keys: 61 • sound generation: AWM Stereo Sampling • Sounds / Tones: 1279 Voices (incl. Ensemble, Super Articalation 1/2, Mega-, Live-,Cool- and Sweet-Voices, Organ World • Styles: 539 Styles (of which 40 Audio Styles) • Polyphony: 128 voices • Effects: Hall, Chorus, DSP, Master Compressor, Master EQ, Mikro-Effects, Vocalist • Songbook/Music Finder Function: Yes • Special features: Audio Styles, Ensemble Function, Organ World • Sequencer: SMF Player and Recorder (16 tracks) • MP3/WAV Player/Recorder: Wave Recorder (Multi track), MP3- and Wave Player withTime Scretching and Pitch shifter • Pedal/Controller Connection: 3 x assignable • Other Connections: 1x Phones, Aux in, Mic in, Line out, Sub out (1/2), RGB Out • Memory: HDD (SATA), USB-Stick • USB / MIDI: USB to Device, USB to Host, Midi (in/out) 2x • Memory Expansion: Optional FL512M or FL1024M • Power (watts rms): optional TRS-MS-05 • Display: VGA-colour -LCD (TFT 640 x 480 Pixel) • Colour / Finish: Silver • Size (WxHxD): 1140 x 142 x 450 mm • Weight: 14,0 kg • Including: Instruction manual, power cable, musik rest • YAMAHA Tyros5 Entertainer Keyboard: The Power of Reality . The new design of the Yamaha Tyros5 includes different keyboard variants: a 76-key version for the maximum potential of acoustic and electric pianos, and the famous and popular 61-key version for maximum carrying comfort. The quality and transparency of all tones is completely new and unique. The organ World provides you classic organs through theater organs to present organ models, whatever the heart desires. The new Ensemble function can provide string and wind sections realistic as never heard before. The guitars, synthesizers, electric pianos and pianos are full of details that make it so realistic. For the Tyros 5, YAMAHA has developed both styles of the Tyros 4, and added 40 completely new ones. An absolute utmost on reality, they have installed Real Audio Drum and Percussion Styles with real audio tracks. The new effects of Tyros5 not only sound good, they also still look good and can be very intuitive characterized. The quality effect including Real Distortion and Real Reverb oriented sound and externally to their original prototypes. These effects use the same VCM (Virtual Circuit Modeling) technology as the professional effects processors in Yamaha's high-end consoles. So whether you compose, arrange or just want to play: Tyros5 is the perfect complete package for you. Be prepared for the ultimate keyboard experience.