Yamaha YBS-32 E

Yamaha YBS-32 E, Baritone Saxophone

Item number: 7101012
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Baritone Saxophone • Tuning: Eb • Body material: Brass • Material Bocal: Brass • Keywork material: Brass • Finish: Gold lacquer • High F# Key / Low A • Thumb hook: Plastic, Adjustable • YBS-32 Baritone Saxophone from Yamaha Yamaha´s 32 series saxes offer professional qualities at an intermediate price. Much of their design is based upon the more expensive Pro and Custom saxes, and they share many of the same features. The 32 series saxes deliver outstanding response, tone, intonation, as well as a comfortable playability. Features: Low A key Front F mechanism Gold lacquer Series: Intermediate Auxiliary keys: Low A, front F Bell decoration: stamped Thumb hook: adjustable Pivot screw: Tapered, nylon tipped, with head Key buttons: polyester Finish: clear lacquer Weight: 5.7kg (12.5lb)