Yamaha YCL-457II-22

Yamaha YCL-457II-22, Clarinet

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Clarinet • Finger style: German system • Tuning: Bb • Number of keys: 22 • Rings: 6 • Material: African blackwood • Finish: Natural • Keywork material: Nickel silver, plated • Mouthpiece: M3D • Barrel: 56 mm • Thumb hook: Adjustable thumb hook with ring • Accessories: Mouthpiece, case, care products • With 22 keys, the YCL-457II-22, the successor to the YCL-457-22, is a full clarinet for the advanced player. It has an Eb key on the left and the double F/C key on the upper part, and a Duodezim connection with the first half hole key to improve the high-B / C# trill. An important improvement is also the Eb / B-side flap which is now provided with a metal base for stability. The coupling of the so-called "short" A flap with the G-sharp key enhances the sound of the tones A and B and facilitates the G# A trill. Instead of natural cork Yamaha now uses a synthetic cork padding which allows better tuning and is more durable and the adjustment lasts longer and stays constant. In addition, the new thumb rest is adjustable over 12mm, has a more stable base plate, a larger and more comfortable support surface for the thumb and a stable ring for the carrying cord.