Yamaha YTS-480

Yamaha YTS-480, Tenor Saxophone

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Tenor Saxophone • Tuning: Bb • Body material: Brass • Material Bocal: Brass • Keywork material: Brass • Finish: Gold lacquer • High F# key • Pad: Plastic Resonator • Accessories: Light case with backpack straps, mouthpiece and care set • Country of Origin: Made in Indonesia • Seesaw mechanism (rocker) • New octave key (as in '62, compatible with higher series) • improved B/C# connection • With the Yamaha YTS-480 Saxophone you are always one step ahead. With a little more resistance you get a focused tone while the split key guard gives musical flexibility and good ergonomics, playability and intonation of the instrument are first class - as usual from Yamaha.

body, neck and mechanics:

Body, neck and mechanics are all brass on the Tenor saxophone. The low weight of the instrument and the quality workmanship guarantee a comfortable, efficient response. The ergonomically designed mechanism provides additional security and a good feel. The additional innovations such as a more stable S-bow connection and a new deep-H-C#-connection provide improved response and greater stability. The neck comes from the 62 series and provides improved response, a fuller sound in the upper octave and a wide range of tones.

sound and response:

The YTS has an enormous variety of sounds and a rich and full sound. The direct approach provides additional security and the smooth running mechanism vouches for playing comfort. The well-known and successful balanced Yamaha Sound can also be found in the standard series. When it comes to intonation the YTS-480 need not fear comparison with the high end models. All this sound and playability guarantee a use from classical to Big Band.

case and accessories:

A water-repellent lightweight case with sling system allows a back-friendly transport. On the front a pocket for notes and accessories is available. The matching 4C mouthpiece completes the equipment package.