Zero 88 Chilli Pro Abruf Wandsteuer-

Zero 88 Chilli Pro Abruf Wandsteuer-, Dimmer

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Dimmer • Recall of scenes and sequences (format) • Freely configurable zone assignment • Slimline Design • Stainless steel or brass front (brushed) • Illuminated function buttons • Single control or multiple crosslinking • Simple wiring via terminal strip • Designed for CAT5 standard cables • Wall-mounted control panels for Chilli series The ChilliNet wall control panels can be used where activation of lighting moods is required. Available in a variety of configurations and designs, these wall panels provide direct access to stored lighting settings. Two embodiments can also be used to activate a sequence in which a dynamic reproduction of lighting moods with crossover and hold times is performed. All wall control stations are designed for zone operation and can be assigned to a zone at any time. The wall-mounted control panels have been designed for installation in UK wall enclosures and UK flush-mounted boxes. Various flush-mounting housings are available as accessories from Zero 88. The surfaces are available in brushed stainless steel or brass. The buttons are illuminated. Up to 50 wall control points can be used in a single ChillNet system for multi-point control ChilliNet wall panels with manual fade-out or fade-in function are also available. Via the UP / DOWN buttons, the stored values ​​of the lighting tones are lowered or raised, depending on the desired lighting situation. The LMO version (Last Man Out) enables a higher-level building control when entering or leaving the main entrance doors. Equipped with 5 buttons (for 4 lighting settings) and a key switch, this version is used to control the entire ChilliNet system. If the key switch is active, the system will go into a zero light mode with a wait time of 30 seconds. The LMO version has been developed for installation in double UK wall enclosures and UK floor boxes. Various ChilliNet wall-mounted control panels are equipped with an IR interface, which allows a wireless control of programmed lighting settings. Master Controller & Master Touch Screen The master controller can be used in every possible combination with chilli dimmers and provides full access to the system control, programming and monitoring. Direct playback and editing of lighting moods is also possible. A timed event function can be used to program time-controlled week and day routines. After installation and commissioning of the individual system components, all dimmers can be automatically assigned to the network. The master controller saves the way to the technical room, especially in decentralized installations. The Master Touch Screen is the newest member of the ChilliNet product line. In addition to the standard functions in the Master Controller, the Master Touch Screen also offers virtual buttons for the lighting moods and a direct selection of individual dimmer channels and zones.
Zero 88

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