Zero 88 Jester 12/24 channel

Zero 88 Jester 12/24 channel, Light Controller

Item number: 100024373
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Light Controller • 12/24 Channel controls • Playback memory stack with GO button • DMX input with snap-shot function on 512 channels • Monitor interface • MIDI functionality • 24 or 48 submaster DMX soft patch on 512 channels • 12 AUX buttons • Backup via USB stick • Dimensions: 90 x 452 x 278 mm • Weight 4.6 kg • Depending on the model, the new JESTER series can control up to 48 channels. As a storage-based light control console with direct access to channel controller, submaster and a fully-fledged storage stack with GO button, this new series enables use in almost all areas. Comprehensive features, e. g. The data backup to USB sticks and a monitor interface as standard, offer an optimum of equipment and operating quality. The new JESTER console is equipped with three different operating modes. It can be used as a simple configuration with 2 preset stages up to the fully programmable memory console. In Playback mode, direct access in live mode has top priority. Another highlight in this price-performance class is the snapshot function. The incoming DMX data of all 512 channels can be recorded as a snapshot. Especially as a backup for larger consoles, this is a perfect and cost-effective solution. The snapshots can be played back via the submaster or via the memory stack with the GO button. 12 additional AUX buttons allow the control of DMX-controllable accessories, e. g. Colour changers, fog machines or strobes. A monitor interface is integrated as standard. The clear screen display informs about channel values, storage stack information and submaster data. All information is displayed via an integrated LC display. The operation of the JESTER console is also possible without an external monitor. Incoming MIDI signals enable the control of channels or submasters. Chasers can be recorded in the storage stack or directly on the submaster. An audio interface provides convenient control of the classic sound to light function.
Zero 88