Zero 88 Jester ML48

Zero 88 Jester ML48, Light Controller

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Light Controller • Up to 30 moving lights controllable • 24/48 Channel controls • 30 x 48 Submaster at the Jester ML48 • Playback memory stack with GO button • DMX-Softpatch on 512 channels • DMX input with snap-shot function on 512 channels • Monitor interface as standard • Backup via USB memory stick • MIDI functionality • Lock function • Dimensions: 90 mm (H) x 970 mm (W) x 278 mm (D) • Weight: 12.0 kg • Jester ML, Jester ML24 and ML48 The new Jester ML series offers the user a comprehensive complete solution for up to 30 moving lights, which in addition to a user-friendly design is also hard to beat. All variants are equipped with an effect generator, attribute palettes and an extensive device library (more than 1800 types). For the larger Jester ML24 and ML48 versions, up to 48 preset faders are arranged in 2 levels for the control of HTP dimmer channels. Light scenes can be stored as scenes in a cue list or on submaster. A GO key is integrated for theater-specific applications. A monitor output is standard for all variants. In clear monitor screens, information about channel data, cues, submaster, etc. are displayed. The Jester ML series can also be used without a monitor via internal LC displays. Data backups are executed via a USB interface using standard USB memory sticks. The Snapshot feature allows you to record incoming DMX data from all 512 channels as a snapshot. The Snapshot memory can be played back via the submaster or via the storage stack. Three operating modes are available in the Jester ML24 and ML48. A simple 2-plane mode, to the use as memory-supported hybrid console for dimmers and moving lights. In the playback mode, direct access always comes first. This feature allows for optimal live operation, where changes can be made immediately. The smaller Jester ML offers a traditional cue list and can be used as a moving light controller with existing Jester 12/24 and 24/48 consoles. This combination enables a cost-effective extension for the control of moving headlights. The Jester ML version is equipped with 2 operating modes and does not support a 2-level mode since no preset fader is available. Incoming MIDI signals can be used to control channels or submasters. Chasers can be recorded in the storage stack or directly on the submaster. An audio interface provides convenient control of the classic sound to light function.
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