Zero 88 Jester TL

Zero 88 Jester TL, Light Controller

Item number: 10014000
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Light Controller • 200 dimmer circuits • 30 Moving lights controllable • 480 Submaster via multifunction buttons or via DMX-In • Cue list with storable • Glare and GO button • Attribute palettes, groups, and • Macros • DMX-Softpatch on 512 channels • DMX input with snapshot function • On 512 channels • Monitor output as standard • Backup via USB - • Memory Stick, Connection for USB - • Keyboard • MIDI functionality (note ON / OFF) • Internal device library with more • As 1900 headlamp types • Multilingual Online Help System • • Lock lock function • Offline Editor (Phantom Jester) • With the Jester TL series, Zero 88 presents the latest generation of compact hybrid consoles for controlling up to 200 dimmer circuits and 30 moving lights. For the theater typical selection of circuits, the Jester TL series is equipped with a numeric keyboard block (keypad). Three encoder wheels And multifunction buttons are used to control moving lights. Light scenes can be stored as scenes in a cue list or on virtual submaster. A GO button is integrated for classical playback in the theater area. A monitor output is standard in this series. In clear monitor displays information about channel data, attributes, cues, submaster, etc. are displayed. Internal LC displays allow for use without a monitor. Three encoder wheels are used to control moving lights. Integrated multifunction buttons can be used to select dimmer circuits and moving lights, as well as to control up to 24 virtual submasters. An external DMX console allows for use as a Playback-Wing. An internal effect generator supports the programming of motion effects with moving lights. To store key sequences, the Jester TL series is equipped with macros, which can be freely programmed and played back. The USB interface allows data backup with standard USB memory sticks. All show dates are compatible with the Jester ML Series. External USB keyboards are also supported. A DMX input with a snapshot function can record incoming DMX data from 512 channels as a snapshot. Snapshots can be stored as submasters or cues in the storage stack. Incoming MIDI messages (Notes) allow the control of channels or submasters. The audio interface offers a control of sound to light functions. Chasers can be recorded in the storage stack or directly on submaster. The Jester TL series is equipped with 3 operating modes (preset, playback and program mode). As a result, a fully flexible use as a storage-assisted hybrid console is possible. In the playback mode, direct access always comes first. This feature allows for optimal live operation in which changes can be made immediately. A free offline editor for the PC is available for the Jester TL series.
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