Zero 88 USB-Cable für Diablo

Zero 88 USB-Cable für Diablo, Scan Controller

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Scan Controller • Accessory for Zero 88 Diablo • In order to use the PC software for loading the device library (fixture library), you must use a PC with a USB port and a Windows operating system. The USB cable Is included. The necessary software and a device library can be found on the supplied CD. If the CD is not available, you can download it at www. Follow the instructions on the screen Install the software and select the desired device library. Open the device library and select the manufacturer. Select the desired device types to be loaded into the console. From the Fixture Profiles menu, select From PC. The USB data cable must be connected to the PC and the DMX port on the Diablo. Select the 'Upload option' in Of the PC software. The device types in the Diablo are now replaced by the chosen types If you have loaded device types into the console and save the show to a memory card, the device types are also part of the Show files. The device types can be loaded later from the memory card.
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