Zoom R24
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Zoom R24

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  • Simultaneous playback: 24 Tracks
  • Simultaneous recording: 8 Tracks
  • Inputs: 8x XLR/jack
  • Outputs: 6,3 mm jack plug; 3,5 mm headphones
  • Audio resolution: 24 Bit / 96 kHz
  • Memory: SD Card
  • Internal tracks: 24
  • CD-RW: No
  • Effects: Internal effects processor
  • Drum machine: Yes
  • USB connection: Yes, 2.0
  • 24-track Portable SD Recorder, USB Audio Interface, Pad Sampler, and DAW Control Surface with 8 Microphone Inputs, Built-in Stereo Condenser Microphones, Built-in Effects, and USB - Mac/PC

Zoom R24 · HD Recorder

In the studio or on the road, you've got a complete recording solution with the Zoom R24 Recorder / Interface / Controller / Sampler: a 24-track 24-bit 48kHz recorder, an 8-in / 2-out USB audio interface, a Mackie Control DAW control surface, and a drum machine and sampler with pads and a loop sampler.

With the Zoom R24 you've got a full mobile recording and studio recording solution. The affordable and portable Zoom R24 records 8 tracks simultaneously from 8 microphone inputs and plays back 24 tracks, enough to record a whole band at once. The Zoom R24 records 44.1/48kHz 16/24-bit WAV format to SD cards, up to 32GB SDHC cards, perfect for mobile recording. Or, you can connect the R24 to a Mac or PC computer via USB and use it as an audio interface to record to your DAW software. The Zoom R24 can also function as a pad sampler for sequencing.

The portable Zoom R24 will record band practice, lessons, moments of inspiration, gigs. Not only does the 24-track Zoom R24 recorder provide eight XLR / line inputs, six with +48V phantom power for condenser microphone, the R24 also features built-in stereo condenser microphones. Channel 1 features a Hi-Z input for electric guitars, basses and other high impedance instruments. Just hit record and you'll be capturing great-sounding audio straight to SD cards. The Zoom R24 recorder supports 16MB - 2GB SD cards and 4 - 32GB SDHC cards.

Use the Zoom R24 USB connector in a couple of handy ways. Connect the Zoom R24 to a Mac or PC and use it as a standard USB storage device, so you can transfer SD-recorded WAV files to a computer for mixdown, archiving, e-mailing, or posting online. Or use the Zoom R24 as a USB audio interface to a computer based DAW and record eight tracks at time, using the R24's onboard inputs.

Once you've recorded the tracks, the Zoom R24 aprovides everything needed to mix them, whether you're at a computer or on the road. The Zoom R24 features over 100 built-in studio effects plus guitar amplifier and effects models: reverbs, delays, distortions as well as mastering effects. With the Zoom R24 connected to a computer it functions as a control surface. The R24 uses Mackie's control emulation, which works with popular DAW software including Cubase, Logic, and Digital Performer. Mix with real faders. When being used as a control surface, the Zoom R24 serves as an audio editing platform for a variety of video editing software packages, most notably Final Cut Pro. During the mastering process, you can sweeten your tracks by using the onboard mixer to create a mix on the fly and bounce it to a stereo master using the built-in mastering effects.

The Zoom R24's sampler function consists of 24 built-in voices that can be triggered using eight pads and three bank keys to assign sounds to each track and create loops. The Zoom R24 includes a 400 rhythm drum machine to create backing beats or outputs a metronome for tempo control. Not only does the Zoom R24 offer 400 drum machine patterns to work with, but it includes a USB flash drive containing 500 MB of drum loops recorded by the Grammy Award winning jazz/fusion drummer, Peter Erskine who has recorded a variety of groves specifically for the Zoom R24. Big Fish Audio, a top producer of sample libraries, provides 1GB of drum loops. The focus of the Zoom R24's rhythm library is rock, but also includes jazz, funk, country, bossa nova and hip-hop beats.

The Zoom R24 can be powered using either the included AC adapter or six AA batteries. One set of batteries will last for about four and a half hours. When using the audio interface and control surface functions, another option is to power the Zoom R24 from the computer's USB bus.

The Zoom R24 provides a total recording package: a USB audio interface, a control surface, a pad sampler, and an included software package. The Zoom R24 ships bundled with Cubase LE 5 DAW integrated music production software for immediately getting to work laying down your musical ideas and building them into professional tracks. Also included are 500MB of drum loops by Peter Erskine and 1GB of drum loops by Big Fish Audio.


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